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Freediving Company was founded in February 2018 with two purposes : 

To teach Freediving with the highest professional standars and to use Freediving as a tool to record the underwater marine life by entering their space in their own terms.

In 2020 we went to explore Baja California Sur to find a new place to settle The Freediving Company. Thus we arrived to La Ventana a town that had lived for generations on fishing, but in recents years become a crown spot for Kitesurfing.

There we find a bright community of sailors that showed us the vast marine life of those beautiful waters, soon we remember the old saying from Explorer Jacques Costeau: "The Gulf of California is the aquarium of the world", how much reason did he have.

From: Oceanic dolphins, sea lions, oceanic mantarays, hammerheads, whietip, sailfish, spermwhales, blue whales, humpack whales, fin whales, dwarf sperm whales, mobulas, whale sharks, orcas, and the list goes on with unique and mysterious species as the beked whales, thus... we find that dream spot.

We haved experienced and think that Freediving it's the most advanced and ultimate autonomous adaptation of the humans to the underwater world. Thanks to that we had found evertyhing we have ever need, a strong sense of purpouse, a driving passion and marine life both intriguing and beautiful which we seek to understand more every day.


The Freediving Company staff is a one men army by Alexander De La Hoya it´s founder, but in order to make everything possible "we work with teams". Captains that have great knowledge of the sea and the animals, Freediving Instructors, Safety freedivers, Tour guides, Marine biologist, Scientifics and also film production teams, they all sum their work to make all the expeditions, education, photography and videos possible! 



Founder of Freediving Company

 Underwater Cinematographer & Professional Freediving Instructor

I'm Alexander De La Hoya founder of Freediving Company.

I have always loved the water which i haved experimented in multiple ways, but the ocean and the depth had been the highest way of expression for me, there i find out that the mind can live the concept of "Eternity" and in the deep blue i had found an imposing savage world full of creatures that express power, freedom and truth.

Freediving gave me the gift to interact with each one of these creatures in their own terms and the camera the capacity of sharing this encounters. This is a pinch of the deep world we inhabit along with this beigns and my passion in the search and understanding of them as another one in the water.

As formation i'm a Professional Freediving Instructor by Molchanovs and AIDA International, along the same time i studied Cinematography, work that i perform as a professional DP (Director of photography) mostly for underwater projects which requiere professional image quality creation and underwater production solutions.


The seamen that worked generation in the surronding of Cerralvo Island, came from all the towns that surrond this waters: "Agua Amarga", "San Pedro", "Los Planes", "El Sargento" and "La Ventana". 

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